– Pick your desired product(s).

– Contact your H.O.A. and /or municipality if approval of item is required.

– If the design of the space is needed, please visit wilson-design.net for additional information.

Both function differently in their designated spaces. A fire pits heat goes up and out and fireplaces anchor to the edge of a space with heat mostly radiating out.

We currently carry thousands of products across multiple manufacturers. With the constant change in manufacturing cost, it is impossible for us as smaller boutique to keep up. We’d be happy to quote any product you desire.

Absolutely! Our sister company wilson-design.net would love to assist you in your design needs. Contact wilson-design.net or a sales representative at iconic-flame.com.


Fire Magic premium gas grills are an investment that lasts a lifetime. That’s because we design, engineer and build Fire Magic premium gas grills to the absolute highest quality standards for unmatched beauty and performance to be enjoyed for years and years. It’s why we stand behind our products by offering the industry’s best warranty programs. The pride of owning a Fire Magic Grill lasts a lifetime.


When Investing in a Grill, Consider the Assurance Provided By the Fire Magic Warranty:

– Fire Magic pays for the first year labor allowance

– Fire Magic pays for shipping warranted replacement parts

– Fire Magic pays for shipping warranted defective parts back to the factory

– Fire Magic’s qualified technical service representatives are available 10 hours a day 5 days a week to assist with questions, installation and service.

Lifetime Warranty

Cast stainless steel burners, Choice stainless steel u-shaped burners, Fire Magic Diamond Sear and rod stainless steel cooking grids and stainless steel housing are under warranty for as long as you own your grill.

Fifteen Year Warranty

Brass valves, inner liners, manifold assemblies, porcelain (including ovens and barbecue faces) and backburner assemblies (except ignition systems) are under warranty for fifteen (15) years.

Ten Year Warranty

Electric grills, including stainless steel cooking grids and electric grill stainless steel housing are under warranty for ten (10) years(except ignition systems).

Five Year Warranty

Flavor grids, infrared burners in the grill, charcoal stainless steel grills (except for the charcoal pan, charcoal grid, wood pellet screen, thermometer and ash tray which are under warranty for one year) are under warranty for five (5) years.

Three Year Warranty

Fire Magic side burners and all other Fire Magic components (except ignition systems and electrical parts) are under warranty for three (3) years.

One Year Warranty

Fire Magic ignition systems (excluding batteries), electrical components (including lights and thermometer) and grill accessories are under warranty for one (1) year.

We can help troubleshoot, but servicing product outside of the Metro-Detroit region is impossible.


We offer our products at a discounted price, therefore returns are difficult. Restocking fees, return shipping costs leaves not much of a refund. For this reason, we state all sales are final. We suggest taking the time to understand the product you are purchasing.

As of now, no. Shipping and freight forwarding has been a profession greatly affected by Covid19 and as a result has seen prices on the rise. We carefully research shipping costs at the time of order, per product to ensure the most accurate rates. These costs are typically included in any proposal or price quote we provide.

No, we are strictly a supplier. However, if you purchase a stand-alone grill and live in the Metro Detroit area, we can help assemble your grill for a small fee.

Lead time may vary depending on the product. Please call an Iconic Flame sales representative for further information.

Of course, you can contact your sales associate at Iconic Flame for assistance. If we can’t directly answer your questions, we can find out and get back with you as soon as we can.

Completely depends on your H.O.A. and/or municipality for where you plan on using the item. As a general rule of thumb, stand-alone BBQ grills and self-contained (propane) fire pits are typically viewed as temporary or removable items and do not require permits. (Some apartments, condos and townhouses do not allow BBQ grills/fire pits of any kind.) While built-in products, such as items with natural gas and electric leads are viewed as permanent and could require municipal approval.

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