Elite 1B 2-Zone Griddle

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Elite 1B 2-Zone Griddle

Elite 1B 2-Zone Griddle


Elite 1B 2-Zone Griddle

Size: W 24.76" x D 25" x H 12.84"


Wind Proof Design

The Elite Series Griddles address heat control issues with its inset griddle plate that creates a windproof barrier, ensuring wall-to-wall heat distribution and eliminating cold spots. you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of griddle cooking, even in windy conditions.

Level + Squeegee Included

The unit is designed with a bubble level to ensure easy leveling on any surface, allowing you to cook anywhere and anytime without worrying about unlevel ground. Moreover, the patent-pending squeegee makes cleaning up after cooking effortless, giving you more time to savor your delicious creations.

XL Rease Grease Management

Designed for long cooking sessions, this griddle features an XL rear grease management system that eliminates the need to constantly manage grease and oil. The system effectively collects and contains any excess grease, providing a clean and safe cooking environment

Halo Signature Burner

The HALO Signature Burners provide exceptional temperature control, allowing you to ignite just one zone or both, depending on your cooking needs. With a quick warm-up time of just 10 minutes and a wide temperature range, it is the perfect choice for versatile outdoor cooking.

Additional Features

  • Patent-Pending Dual Zone Burner System
  • Inset 284sq. in. griddle plate for wind-proof wall-to-wall heat
  • XL Rear Grease Management
  • Patent Pending Squeegee Utensil Clean Off
  • Connect a 1lb or a 20lb propane tank
  • Adjustable regulator of either 9.5" or 11" WC for more temperature control
  • 300°F To 600°F Temperature Range
  • 10 Minute Warm Up Time
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit is available
  • Durable Lid that can be closed while cooking


Model Elite 1B
Fuel Type Propane or Natural Gas
BTU 15,000
Temperature Range 300°F To 600°F
Total Grilling Surface 284 sq. in. 
Cooking Height 8"
Oven Body Construction Cold Rolled Steel with powder-coat paint finish, 430 Stainless Steel, and Hot Rolled Steel griddle plate
Product Dimensions W 24.76" x D 25" x H 12.84"
Product Weight 50.82lbs
Carton Dimensions W 26.73" x D 21.54" x H 14.96"
Carton Weight 60.19lbs.

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